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Degree by Bits and Bytes (DYBBs) is our university effort to ease and personalise your professional upskilling.

DYBBs@AeU is a virtual platform offering bit and byte-size courses to anyone, anywhere using any device who desires to upskill and upgrade their knowledge. DYBBs platform is provided and powered by Asia e University (AeU), an institution established by 35 member nations of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) who envisioned providing affordable education to as many learners as possible. DYBBs@AeU is developed by Asian Centre of e-Learning (ACE), Asia e University. 

Learners have the flexibility of studying at their own pace to suit their personal lifestyles. DYBBs@AeU offers two types of programs, which are: Academic Credential and Professional Credential. Under the Academic Credential course series, learners have the option to accumulate the credits earned for each course in a personal credit bank and apply for transfer such credits to a full-fledged Diploma, Bachelor or Masters degrees at AeU or any other institution that recognises such credentials. Secondly, through Professional Credential course series learners may select from more flexible courses in terms of the duration and learning style. Using this option, the courses can be used for any purpose whether it is for personal satisfaction, skills upgrading, career enhancement, or earn a degree. It is recognised as non-formal learning and can be accumulated towards Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for transfer of credit process once you have enrolled in any academic programme of your choice. DYBBs@AeU is a Micro Credential implementation initiative which is also supported by Malaysians Qualifications Agency (MQA).

We are committed to providing high-quality bit and byte-sized courses suitable to fast-changing global landscape and evolving workplace. These certificates awarded can play a significant value and the resume of learners seeking to augment their profile in their respective professions.

You may take these bits (nano credits) and bytes (micro credits) courses. We will constantly be adding to our portfolio of courses to ensure you are learning the most current and relevant courses.


What You Will Get


Golden Learning Experience

A certificate that will boost your skills and you can add to your resume. The certificate is validated and approved by Asia e University.

Have a rich learning experience from experts and be engaged in a vibrant global learning community.


Benefits of Learning by Bits and Bytes

100% Online Course

You can study at your own pace with flexible start dates, anywhere and on any device you want.


You are able to stack your nano and micro credits into Diploma, Bachelor  or Masters degrees.


Pay only for the credits that you are learning in bits (nano credits) and bytes (micro credits) making it very affordable.


Study at your own pace with flexible times and anywhere you want to suit your busy lifestyle.